WEBERmade Application Tape Tool
* Application Tape Always Ready for Instant Use
* Choice of Singe or Double Shaft Tape Tools
* Ready To Use Single or Multiple Widths of Tape
* Adjustable Clutch to Control Tape Tension
* Apply Tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly
* Easily and Safely Apply Tape Professionally


The Double Shaft WEBERmade Tape Tool

Your 90 day unconditional no questions asked money back guarantee eliminates any risk on your part to try a WEBERmade Tape Tool in your shop.

Our guarantee is simple You have nothing to lose! Order your WEBERmade Tape Tool today and if you are not fully and completely 100 percent satisfied, just let me know. I will issue a call tag for United Parcel Service to pick it up with absolutely no cost to you. (USA only). International customers will be required to pay the shipping costs to return the Tape Tool.

If you put your order on a credit card, I will issue full and complete refund to your credit card for the cost of the Tape Tool. If you paid by cheque I will send you full and complete refund for the cost of the Tape Tool. No questions asked.

Your satisfaction is important to me. If your not satisfied with your tape tool, I want it back.

WEBERmade Tape Tools are also guaranteed to-
*Amaze you at how quick and easy it is for you to apply application tape.
*Save you time and material.
*Increase productivity and profits.
*Eliminate bubbles and wrinkles.
*Eliminate the frustration associated with application tape.

Should you wish to return your WEBERmade Tape Tool for any reason at all, you can be assured that you will receive prompt, professional and courteous service.


John Weber