WEBERmade Application Tape Tool
* Application Tape Always Ready for Instant Use
* Choice of Singe or Double Shaft Tape Tools
* Ready To Use Single or Multiple Widths of Tape
* Adjustable Clutch to Control Tape Tension
* Apply Tape quickly, effortlessly and flawlessly
* Easily and Safely Apply Tape Professionally

Single Shaft Tape Tool

The Single Shaft WEBERmade Tape Tool
Quick Price Comparison

Both the Single Shaft and the Double Shaft Tape Tools may be EITHER Clamped or Bolted into place. Two 4 inch (10cm) C-clamps are included with each tape tool

In figuring out which of the 4 sizes to chose from, the size of your plotter is not a factor. Reason being, you can put more than one roll of tape on the shaft at the same time.

You should take into consideration the width of your table or work bench where you are planning to use it.

For example, the 24 inch tape tool will hold up to 24 inches of tape. You can put on one roll of 24 inch tape or you can put on any configuration of rolls of tape up to 24 inches wide. You can also put on one roll of tape any size up to 24 inches wide. You can, but you don't have to fill up the shaft with tape.

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